Why Choose Us?

Unfortunately, most accountants just don’t understand how car dealers operate nor the unusual nature of some of their transactions. 

At Auto Dealer Accounting we are EXPERTS in Automotive Accounting and Taxation and have been helping dealerships for over 28  years stay compliant with all accounting and tax issues. In addition to being accountants, we also have over 28 years actually working in Car Dealerships. We have served in positions from Salesman up to General Sales Manager. We have also owned and operated a Buy Here Pay Here operation.

When you call ADA, a secretary or call screener doesn’t answer the phone, I Do! You speak to me.  Our business hours are simple…If you need me, I’m available! I realize that many times, concerns or ideas come up in the evening or weekends and you need advice and more importantly you need peace of mind!


To ease the burden of the cost of your accounting and tax needs. we offer annual service plans with a list of services you decide upon and monthly payments are setup so that you stretch the cost of your accounting and tax services over the year. You know exactly how much you’re paying each month.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Boyd Neeley